Why do i have so much grey hair at 30

Did you know that people in their thirties are the age at which gray hair begins to stand out? Some people have gray hair in their 20s, but in fact, the number of people in their 30s who have gray hair has increased significantly.

Therefore, it is important to understand the cause and mechanism of the increase in gray hair in the 30s, and then take appropriate measures if you are interested.

In this article, we will introduce a method for improving the scalp environment that you can work on on a daily basis to prevent gray hair, so please refer to it.

White hair is seen in about 1 in 3 people in their 30s

According to the results of a private survey (*), the percentage of people with “white hair” in the last five years has been found to be more than 50% of the total (men and women in their 20s and 60s).

Looking at the details by gender and age, it is as follows.

sexAgeThere is “white hair” (including the case where the white hair is dyed) Response rate

Looking at the table above, it can be seen that the percentage of men and women in their 30s who answered that they have “white hair” exceeded 30%, a significant increase from around 10% in their 20s.

Considering that one in three people in their thirties has white hair, it can be said that people in their thirties need to take proper measures as the age at which white hair begins to stand out.

(*) Source: Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd. Hot Pepper Beauty Academy ” Awareness Survey on White Hair and Gray Hair 2020 (*) “

What causes the increase in gray hair in the 30s?

So why is it easy for people in their thirties to have more white hair? It emerges when you understand the mechanism by which white hair is formed.

The mechanism by which white hair is formed is related to the “melanin pigment” that colors the hair black. The melanin pigment is made of melanocytes in the scalp, and if the melanin pigment cannot be made for various reasons, the hair will not be colored and will become gray.

And one of the reasons why melanin pigment cannot be made is “aging”. It is natural that the older you get, the more gray hair you have, as aging reduces the loss and function of melanocytes.

In addition, people in their thirties are an age at which weight gain is a concern, and there may be some who are controlling the amount of meals and the number of meals. However, undernourishment due to an unreasonable diet can prevent melanocytes from functioning normally and can cause gray hair.

After all, melanocytes maintain their function through the various nutrients they receive from the blood. Since melanocytes are located at the ends of the body where nutrition is difficult to reach in the first place, undernourishment causes great damage. Even on a diet, unbalanced diet causes rebound, so try to eat a well-balanced diet both for your body shape and for measures against gray hair.

What is the recommended way to deal with gray hair in your 30s?

30s when gray hair begins to stand out. Here, we will introduce the recommended treatment for white hair for people in their 30s.

The appearance of hair and scalp changes depending on whether or not you deal with gray hair, so if you are concerned about gray hair, please refer to it.

Use of gray hair dye

The most popular way to deal with gray hair is to use gray hair dye.

There are two ways to dye gray hair, either at a beauty salon or at home, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are considering dyeing gray hair, please refer to the table below and consider whether to do it at a beauty salon or at home.

Hair dyeing methodEstimated costmeritDemerit
Beauty salon6,000 yen to 10,000 yen・ Beautiful finish
・Improves color retention ・
Suppresses damage
・ Sticks to hair color
・ It is more expensive than home ・It
is necessary to visit a beauty salon
・ Date and time are limited
one’s home600 yen to 900 yen・ It is cheaper than a beauty salon
・ Retouching can reduce the cost even more ・
You can do it at home
・ There is a possibility of unevenness
・ The damage may be strong
・ It takes time and effort
・ It affects the hair color and perm at the beauty salon after that

The cost of dyeing gray hair is about 10 times higher between a beauty salon and your home. Depending on the beauty salon, you may be able to dye your hair with a commercially available gray hair dye, so it is recommended to compare that as well.

In general, a beauty salon is recommended for high technology and fashion, and a home is recommended for low cost and hassle.

Cut the canities

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you pull out your white hair, it will increase”? Since the function of melanocytes is weakened in the roots of white hair, the hair that grows after pulling out tends to become white hair.

From this point, rumors have spread that “pulling out the white hair will increase it”, but in reality, the effect on the surrounding hair roots is not so great, so it is unlikely that the number of white hair will increase.

However, it is not recommended to pull out just because you are worried about gray hair. Removing gray hair can damage the roots and affect the hair growth cycle. Never pull out your hair as it can make it difficult for you to grow new healthy hair.

If you are concerned about gray hair, although it is not enough to dye it, it is recommended that you cut it from the root without pulling it out.

Relationship between white hair and thinning hair

Some people may be worried that their white hair will make them thinner as they are. However, since there is no causal relationship between white hair and thinning hair, there is no such thing as “because of whitening hair, it becomes thinning hair”.

However, it does not mean that “because the hair has become gray, it will not become thin.” This is because stress, UV rays, and poor blood circulation, which are the causes of gray hair, are also factors that lead to thinning hair. Since the causes of gray hair and the causes of thinning hair are very similar, it can be said that the condition of becoming gray hair has a high risk of thinning hair.

The stress of having gray hair can also cause thinning hair.

If you don’t want to have thinning hair, why not take measures against thinning hair as a result of the increase in white hair?

How to improve the scalp environment that you can work on on a daily basis

As explained above, the causes of gray hair and the causes of thinning hair are very similar. The measures that can be taken on a daily basis are to prepare and improve the environment of the scalp, which is the foundation on which hair grows.

Here, we will introduce methods for improving the scalp environment that you can work on on a daily basis. If you are worried about gray hair, please refer to it to take measures against thinning hair at the same time.

UV protection

When the scalp is exposed to ultraviolet rays, a large amount of active oxygen is generated, which is said to damage melanocytes. In other words, the melanin pigment that colors the hair black is not sufficiently produced, increasing the risk of increasing white hair.

Take daily UV protection with a hat, sunscreen, sunscreen, etc. to reduce the accumulation of damage.

Promotion of blood circulation in the scalp

Promoting blood circulation in the scalp helps prevent gray hair by helping to nourish the scalp, where melanocytes are located.

A scalp massage is recommended as it promotes blood circulation. The trick to scalp massage is to keep your scalp slippery. Let’s deepen the tour in a relaxed state by properly using the fingertips, the entire finger, and the lower part of the palm while being aware of the acupuncture points.

Improvement of eating habits

Especially in the diet, I want to take in the protein, which is the main component of hair, so that there is no shortage. It is recommended to eat mainly soybeans and eggs, which are rich in protein, as it is easy to go on a diet.

In addition, four minerals and three vitamins are important for preventing white hair. Please refer to the table below for each function.

mineralzincSynthesizes keratin, the main component of hair
copperSynthesize tyrosine, the raw material for melanin pigments
calciumActivate melanocytes
IodineHelps the thyroid gland secrete hormones that result from hair growth
vitaminVitamin CSuppresses the oxidation of active oxygen that damages melanocytes (antioxidant)
Vitamin B6Helps produce protein
Vitamin B12Activate melanocytes

Try to improve your eating habits by taking these nutrients positively and in a well-balanced manner.

Use of hair care products

When aiming to improve the scalp environment, it is also recommended to use hair care products such as scalp shampoo and hair restorer.

Scalp shampoo can be expected to improve the scalp environment with ingredients such as moisturizing ingredients.

If you are in your 30s and are worried about gray hair, try to improve the scalp environment.

White hair seen in one of about three people in their thirties. The number of people in their twenties will increase dramatically, so if you are starting to worry about it, understand the causes and mechanisms of it and then deal with it appropriately.

It goes without saying that we will approach the white hair itself, such as dyeing the white hair and cutting the white hair, but it is also important not to damage the melanocytes that color the hair black and to nourish the scalp where the melanocytes are located. And, it is to prepare the environment of the scalp that is the basis for growing hair.

If you are worried about white hair, start your efforts in your 30s based on the scalp environment improvement method that leads to measures against white hair introduced in this article.