is shea butter good for hair growth

Is Shea Butter Good For Hair? | 4 Benefits Of Using Shea Butter For Hair

Wondering is shea butter good for hair? We’ve broken down the benefits of shea butter for different hair types. Read on to find out more: 

Shea butter is found in the east and west tropical regions of Africa. Shea butter has grown to be very popular over the years. It has made its way to a lot of popular brands as an integral ingredient. The shea butter is extracted from the seed, which is further separated and extracted as butter.

Shea butter contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids. Shea butter is used to treat acne, applied as a face cream, applied for hair growth and nourishment, it is also known to be consumed as an oil. 

Shea is an essential hair care butter for your hair as it not only helps to treat the irritated scalp, soften hair follicles but also helps in nourishing damaged strands and treat dry flaky skin.

Is shea butter good for hair?

shea butter for hair growth
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Shea butter Promotes Hair Growth

Shea butter is filled with nutrients and vitamins essential for your hair. It has anti-inflammatory qualities which treat the scalp against hair fall. The goodness of the fatty acid-rich butter penetrates deep into the roots and helps in hair growth. When you use the shea butter alongside taking enough rest and follow a nutritious diet you will visibly see new hair follicles.

How To Use Shea Butter For Hair Growth And Prevent Hair Loss?

All you need to do is a little bit of mixing and application. Take a few drops of carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oil and mix some quantity of shea butter, the quantity will depend on your hair length. Start from the roots to the tips of your hair. 

You can use it for 45 minutes or shampoo your hair or leave it overnight and wash away with a mild shampoo. 

Shea Butter Helps Prevent Hair Breakage

Shea butter is rich in fatty acids and helps to prevent hair breakage and damage. It is absorbed into the hair follicles and treats dry hair. 

How To Use Shea Butter To Prevent Hair Breakage?

Apply a good quantity of Shea butter oil to your hair and massage it for 20-25 mins until the hair oil is absorbed into your hair. You can then wrap your hair with a hot towel and let it sit for 15 minutes. You can wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Shea Butter Helps Protect Hair Against Harmful Uv Rays 

Harmful UV rays damage the natural hair strand and make them dry and unruly. Shea butter contains a natural concentrate that works like a protective shield against harmful UV rays.

How To Use Shea Butter To Protect Your Hair Against Harmful Uv Rays?

Right before you step out in the sun take a drop or two of the shea butter and apply it evenly as a top layered serum to your hair. You can also use this as a leave-in conditioner once you have washed your hair

Shea butter helps to treat irritated and itchy scalp

It is enriched with proteins that are known to treat scalp that might be irritated or scaly due to bacteria leaving hair damaged and the scalp infected. It helps to do so without leaving hair follicles clogged or making hair greasy.

Shea butter is excellent in moisturizing and treats dandruff with ease, it penetrates deep into the roots of the hair.

How To Use Shea Butter To Treat Irritated And Itchy Scalp

You need to divide your hair into small sections. Apply a generous amount of shea butter to the scalp and massage your hair for 15 mins. Let the butter be absorbed overnight or leave it in for about 45 mins and wash it off with a mild shampoo. This will leave your locks healthy and protect your scalp against irritation. 

Shea butter helps to lock moisture

If you want healthy, luscious and long locks, apply shea butter as this has properties that help to lock in the moisture even at high humidity. 

The butter helps to seal the moisture and keep your hair healthy without making it greasy.

How to use Shea butter to lock hair moisture

Use it as a leave-in conditioner post shampoo. You can also use it right before you decide to wash your hair to prevent the loss of essential hair nutrients and prevent dryness. 

What Are The Important Facts You Should Know About Shea Butter Before You Decide To Introduce It To Your Hair Care Routine?

Shea butter has several benefits for your hair and scalp. It also has soothing and protecting qualities which not only helps you to improve your hair but also helps in hair growth. 

However, you must be able to differentiate between the authentic and non-authentic products available in the market for your hair to make the best use of this natural blessing. Using unrefined shea butter or shea butter with high preservative concentrate can further degrade or damage your hair follicles.

Refined And Unrefined Shea Butter

To understand the difference between refined and unrefined shea butter you should know that refined shea butter is stripped of its natural properties which may also include the aroma and other natural fibres which helps in hair growth weather as the unrefined shea butter is not tampered with in terms of its quality. 

You need to select what best suits your hair type and needs; whether or not you have a problem with the odour. 

Although unrefined shea butter is slightly towards the expensive side, we are sure you wouldn’t spend a little more for what’s more worth it.

How To Use Shea Butter For Your Hair Type?

shea butter hair growth
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We know different  hair types demand different hair care needs, depending on the various hair we have prepared a list of how you can use shea butter for your hair:

For Coarse And Curly Hair Type

If you have curly or coarse hair we recommend you wash your hair with a mild shampoo and then apply shea butter while your hair is semi-dry as this would help in locking in moisture and also give your hair the bounce you need for the curls.

Benefits of using Shea Butter for curly hair:

  1. It helps detangle your hair
  2. It adds shine to your hair
  3. It protects your hair and does not allow it to dry 
  4. It adds volume to your hair
  5. It makes your curls bouncy

For Fine Hair Type

If you have fine hair you might want to avoid using a large quantity of shea butter instead you can store the butter in a container and spray as and when needed as it helps dissolve the extra grease and gives the hair shine that you need.

Benefits of Using Shea Butter for Fine Hair:

  1. It helps to control hair fall
  2. It helps to add shine to your hair
  3. It can be used as a styling product
  4. It detangles hair and makes hair frizz-free
  5. It provides nourishment to hair follicles

For Thick Hair Type

You can use shea butter on thick hair and make most of its benefits. For adding lustre and shine you need to use shea butter as a hair mask. Apply shea butter to your hair and leave it on for 45 minutes. You can also wrap a hot towel to your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes, post which you can shampoo your hair. 

Benefits of using Shea Butter for Thick Hair:

  • It makes hair follicles strong
  • Helps to detangle hair
  • Add lustre and shine to your hair
  • Makes hair bouncy 
  • Helps to add moisture to the locks

Products Rich In Shea Butter That Helps To Add Goodness And Makes Your Hair Healthier:

  • Shea butter hair oil helps to add shine and strengthen your hair and makes hair healthy
  • Shea butter is a heat-protected spray, you can spray it to your hair right before you style them
  • Shea butter as  a sunscreen to protect your hair against the harmful effects of UV rays
  • Shea butter as a styling cream, apply it at least 20 mins before you style your hair
  • Shea butter as a leave-in conditioner to help lock moisture in your hair and prevent it from drying
  • Shea butter as a hair spray to prevent frizzy hair

How Much Time Does It Take For Shea Butter For Hair Growth?

is shea butter good for hair
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Shea butter is rich in a lot of nutrients which is beneficial for your hair growth. The way it works for your hair may vary from person to person as it depends on factors like humidity, hair type, shea butter used for a certain cause. 

For some Shea butter has also helped in managing hair strands and adding shine to the locks in just 3-4 weeks of use while for some it has taken time to show the result as the hair was super damaged and needed more attention than usual.

To attain the benefits of using shea butter over time will only help you set the standard and make hair more manageable over time. You need to know how much quantity would work for your hair as using excess shea butter can also harm the quality of your hair.

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