How much hair do you lose with AGA

“When I started AGA treatment, my hair loss increased!” “I’m worried about hair loss and want to stop the treatment …” Are you in this situation? The treatment was started to prevent hair loss, but if hair loss increases, you will be worried. However, if the cause is “early hair loss” due to AGA treatment, there is no need to worry.

This article describes the “early hair loss” that occurs shortly after starting AGA treatment. Why does early hair loss occur? We have compiled information that you should know before AGA treatment, such as causes and countermeasures. If you want to know more about the initial hair loss of AGA treatment, please refer to it.

Hair loss increases when AGA treatment is started! ?? Overview of “initial hair loss”

Hair loss may increase when you start AGA treatment. It’s no wonder you’re worried when you think, “If you miss any more …”. However, in this case, it is highly possible that “initial hair loss” due to AGA treatment has occurred.

I will explain in detail what is initial hair loss and the cause.

Hair cycle is greatly related to initial hair loss

Each hair has a “hair cycle”. The hair cycle is the cycle in which hair grows (hair cycle), and by repeating the growth phase → catagen phase → telogen phase → growth phase, etc., it always grows and falls out.

If for some reason this hair cycle is disturbed, the hair may fall out before it grows sufficiently, or it may not grow thick and firm. Then, thinning hair gradually progresses, and the scalp becomes more noticeable.

In AGA treatment, the disordered hair cycle is adjusted to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. When the disorder of the hair cycle returns to normal after starting treatment, the thin and soft hair that has already grown will be pushed out by the new growing hair. This hair that has fallen out is the true nature of initial hair loss.

In other words, it is appropriate to think that early hair loss is “causing to adjust the hair cycle” rather than worsening the symptoms due to treatment.

Early hair loss is evidence that the drug is working

What is missing in the initial hair loss is the telogen hair extruded by the new anagen hair. The fact that this phenomenon is occurring is also evidence that the disordered hair cycle has been restored to normal by treatment. Therefore, don’t worry about initial hair loss and watch over it.

By the way, AGA treatment includes therapeutic agents that promote hair growth and therapeutic agents that suppress hair loss. Initial hair loss can occur with either treatment. In the next section, let’s understand the mechanism of initial hair loss by therapeutic drug.

Explaining the mechanism of initial hair loss by therapeutic drug

AGA treatment is roughly divided into the following two treatments.

  • Treatment to promote hair growth (active ingredient of therapeutic drug: minoxidil)
  • Treatment to suppress hair loss (active ingredient of therapeutic drug: dutasteride finasteride)

And with either treatment, early hair loss can occur. Here, we will explain how each treatment causes initial hair loss and the mechanism. If you can understand the mechanism, you will not be anxious even if initial hair loss occurs.

Mechanism of initial hair loss by “Minoxidil”

The action of minoxidil is to promote hair growth. By working directly on the hair roots, you can expect the effect of shifting the hair from the telogen phase to the growth phase and the effect of extending the growth phase.

Treatment with minoxidil promotes the progression from telogen to anagen to a new hair growth cycle. Then, the thin and short hair that had grown up until now comes off in the form of being pushed out by the growing hair, and I feel that the amount of hair loss has increased.

“Old thin hair is pushed by new hair and comes off.” This phenomenon is the initial hair loss caused by minoxidil.

Mechanism of initial hair loss by “Dutasteride” and “Finasteride”

Dutasteride and finasteride work on the causes of AGA and suppress hair loss.

Deep inside the hair root, there is an enzyme called “5α-reductase” that is involved in the production of the male hormone “dihydrotestosterone (DHT)” that causes AGA.

Dutasteride and finasteride inhibit the action of this “5α-reductase” and suppress the cause of AGA itself. As a result, AGA normalizes the disorder of the hair cycle and improves thinning hair.

In the process of normalizing the hair cycle, there is a “transition from telogen to anagen = a period in which old hair is removed and new hair is prepared to grow”. In other words, initial hair loss due to dutasteride and finasteride is a phenomenon that occurs as part of the normalization of the hair cycle.

When does initial hair loss begin and when does it subside?

Initial hair loss is said to occur 10 days to 1 month after starting AGA treatment and then last for about 3 months.

Initial hair loss does not go away immediately as the hair cycle is about to return to normal. However, during the initial hair loss period, the hair does not continue to fall out, and the hair loss continues to increase and decrease. Also, some people may not even notice that hair loss is increasing.

First of all, even if initial hair loss occurs after starting AGA treatment, do not rush for 3 months and watch the situation.

How to deal with early hair loss with AGA treatment

Early hair loss is a temporary symptom that gradually improves. Therefore, you don’t have to do anything basically, but some people may be worried about whether the thinning hair is noticeable or the eyes around them. Therefore, I will introduce a coping method to hide thinning hair during the initial hair loss period.

There are two recommended remedies:

  • Change hairstyle
  • Take advantage of the hat

Early hair loss is evidence that AGA treatments are working, so it is not recommended to stop treatment because of increased hair loss. After this period, it will be easier to realize the effects of AGA treatment.

Change hairstyle

There are many hairstyles that can cover thinning hair. For example, if you are a man who wants to hide the thinning hair on the crown, we recommend a soft mohawk that gives volume to the crown or a shaved head that is easy to care for. Also, if you are a woman, we recommend Shinyon, which can cover the part you care about with volume.

On the other hand, the hairstyles that we do not recommend include the center division that makes the bangs recede conspicuously, and the bob cut that tends to lose volume as a whole. Experiment with different hairstyles to find your favorite hairstyle.

Take advantage of the hat

It is easy to hide the part where you are worried about thinning hair with a hat. The hat, which is also a fashion item, can hide thin hair while giving a fashionable impression.

However, when using a hat, be sure to choose a hat that is well-ventilated and wipe your sweat diligently. If the scalp environment deteriorates due to the hat, it may increase hair loss.

Scalp environmental care with scalp shampoo is important even during AGA treatment!

Even during AGA treatment, it is important to prepare the scalp environment. By adjusting the scalp environment, it can be expected to prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth, so it should be actively performed even during AGA treatment.

There are various types of scalp environment care, but the most recommended is the use of “scalp shampoo” for the purpose of scalp environment care.

When choosing a scalp shampoo, it is preferable to use a quasi-drug that contains the active ingredient. Non-medicinal products include ingredients that are effective in improving the scalp environment, such as “preventing dandruff and itching,” “cleaning hair and scalp,” “preventing sweat odor from hair and scalp,” and “keeping hair and scalp healthy.” Is blended in a certain concentration. Scalp shampoo is less likely to cause scalp problems and helps prevent hair loss.

Initial hair loss is due to AGA treatment! Talk to your doctor if you are worried about hair loss

Early hair loss caused by AGA treatment is a phenomenon that occurs because the medicine is working. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you have more hair loss. However, if the amount of hair loss is abnormally large, or if the initial hair loss does not go away even after 3 months or more, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Also, take scalp care with scalp shampoo along with AGA treatment. Once the scalp environment is in place, thick and healthy hair will grow more easily. If you use a general shampoo, please give it a try.