Does your hair fall out more in summer

Have you ever felt that hair loss increased in the summer? It’s not because of my mind, but it may be that hair loss is actually increasing.

In summer, when the temperature is high and summer heat tends to cause stress, you don’t want to get extra stress due to hair loss. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the causes and countermeasures for the increase in hair loss in summer. If you grasp the cause and spend the summer, you will be able to eliminate your anxiety about hair loss. Also, please refer to those who are worried about hair loss not only in summer but also throughout the year.

“Damage caused by UV rays” is the main cause of hair loss in summer

Ultraviolet rays not only have adverse effects on the skin such as spots, freckles, and inflammation. In fact, ultraviolet rays also have an adverse effect on hair and scalp.

Ultraviolet rays damage, break and peel off the outermost protective film “cuticle” of hair. Then, the amount of water in the hair will be insufficient, and it will easily lead to hair troubles such as dryness, split ends, and hair breakage.

Ultraviolet rays also damage the scalp, which is the foundation of hair, and are one of the factors that increase hair loss. The scalp exposed to a lot of ultraviolet rays generates active oxygen and causes a phenomenon called “photoaging”. Then, the function of the hair matrix cells, which are the basis of the hair, deteriorates, making it easier for the hair to come off and for it to be difficult to generate.

In this way, ultraviolet rays cause great damage to hair and scalp. If you feel that you have more hair loss in the summer, it is likely that you have been exposed to a lot of UV light.

Not just UV rays! Three factors that increase hair loss in summer

The cause of the increase in hair loss in summer is suspected to be damage caused by UV rays. However, some people may feel that their hair loss has increased, even though they have good UV protection. Therefore, I would like to introduce three possible causes of increased hair loss in summer other than ultraviolet rays.

If you know the cause, you can see the necessary countermeasures, so please check them one by one.

① Drying of the scalp by cooling and dehumidifying

In the hot summer, you will have many opportunities to use air conditioners. It is necessary for a comfortable stay, but if you cool it too much, the humidity will drop and the air will dry out. If you stay in a dry room for a long time, the scalp, like the skin, will evaporate and become dry.

When the scalp dries, blood circulation deteriorates and it becomes difficult for the nutrients necessary for hair growth to be distributed. In addition, when itching is accompanied by dryness, the act of scratching becomes a physical stimulus, leading to an increase in hair loss.

② Insufficient nutrition and sleep due to summer heat

When the temperature rises, it causes summer heat fatigue and loss of appetite, sleep deprivation due to difficulty sleeping, and lifestyle-related disorders are likely to be disturbed. Sufficient nutrition and good sleep are essential for growing healthy hair that is hard to come off.

In particular, disordered eating habits may lead to excessive secretion of sebum and cause scalp trouble. The scalp is the foundation of your hair, so you want to keep it in good condition at all times.

③ Increase in sebum secretion due to heat

Summer, when it is easy to sweat, is a time when the scalp also produces a large amount of sebum.

Sebum secreted more than necessary clogs the pores of the scalp, leading to poor blood circulation. The nutrients needed for hair growth are carried through blood vessels, so poor circulation makes it difficult to get enough nutrients. Then, the hair becomes thin and easy to come off.

Men have more sebum than women, so be especially careful.

4 measures to prevent hair loss in summer

Now that we know the cause of the increase in hair loss in the summer, we will introduce measures to prevent hair loss. As a recommended measure, I will explain the following four in detail.

  • Take measures against UV rays with a hat or parasol
  • Try to have a nutritionally balanced diet
  • Work to eliminate sleep deprivation
  • Review how to use the air conditioner (cooler)

All of them are practical measures, so please refer to them.

Take measures against UV rays with a hat or parasol

UV protection is very important to prevent hair loss in the summer. Use a hat, sunshade, or sunscreen on your hair to protect your hair and scalp from UV rays. However, depending on how you wear the hat, it may cause thinning hair, so it must be used correctly.

Please be aware of the following points when using it.

  • Do not suffer when sweating
  • If you sweat, wipe it frequently
  • Keep the hat clean
  • Choose a well-ventilated hat (such as a straw hat or running cap)

Let’s use it while keeping these precautions in mind.

By the way, according to the Meteorological Agency, ultraviolet rays begin to increase around May and peak in July-August. In order not to increase hair loss in the summer, start UV protection before the full-scale summer.

Try to have a nutritionally balanced diet

Sufficient nutrition is required to make thick, hard-to-fall hair. Nutrients that are good for preventing hair loss include the following.

  • “Protein” which is the main component of hair
  • “Iodine” that helps the thyroid gland work
  • “Vitamin” that promotes blood circulation and metabolism
  • “Minerals” that support hair growth
  • “Collagen” that brings luster and firmness to hair

The important thing here is to be conscious of the balance, not to focus on one of the nutrients or to consume more of them. Each nutrient has a different role, so be sure to balance each nutrient and decide on your menu based on your daily intake.

Work to eliminate sleep deprivation

Good sleep is secreted by growth hormone and promotes hair cycle activation. This will keep the scalp environment normal and facilitate the production of thick, firm hair. However, in summer when the temperature is high, it is difficult to fall asleep or get up on the way, and it is easy to get sleep deprived.

So, here are some tips to help you get over the sleepy summer.

  • Turn on the air conditioner 30 minutes before entering the bedroom
  • Not only lowers the room temperature, but also keeps the humidity around 50%
  • When using an electric fan, blow the wind around your ankles.

Make good use of air conditioners and electric fans to eliminate sleep deprivation.

Review how to use the air conditioner (cooler)

Air-conditioning equipment helps to eliminate sleep deprivation in the summer when it is difficult to sleep, but it can be a factor in increasing hair loss during the day if it is used improperly.

Of particular note is the decrease in humidity due to air conditioning. When the humidity drops, the scalp dries and hair loss tends to increase. Use the dehumidifying and dry functions to keep the humidity around 50%. It is also recommended to use a humidifier together with the air conditioner.

It is also important to prepare the scalp environment! Hair growth measures using hair care products

At the same time as reviewing the scalp environment in daily life, let’s focus on protecting the scalp environment using hair care products. Among the hair care products, we recommend scalp shampoos and hair growth agents that can be expected to moisturize the scalp and suppress dandruff and itching.

If you don’t want to suffer from hair loss in the summer, take measures with hair care products.

Remove dirt from pores with scalp shampoo

Insufficient cleaning of the scalp may lead to deterioration of the scalp environment and skin problems due to the effects of germs. To keep your scalp clean, stick to the shampoo you use every day.

If the condition of the scalp is improved by reviewing the shampoo, healthy hair will be more likely to be produced, which will help prevent hair loss.

Create an environment where hair grows easily with a hair restorer

Hair restorer is a hair care product that can be expected to have the effect of improving the scalp environment by improving scalp problems such as poor blood circulation and dryness. Once the scalp environment is in place, the nutrients needed for hair growth are distributed, making it easier for thick and firm hair to grow.

Even if it is called a hair restorer in a bite, the ingredients and amount contained in it are different. The key to solving your own hair loss / thinning problems is to focus more on your goals.

You can do it from today! Let’s start summer hair loss measures with daily care

The increase in hair loss in the summer is not due to the fact that it may actually be increasing. In the summer, there are many causes of increased hair loss such as UV rays, how to use air conditioners, lifestyle-related disorders due to summer heat, and increased sebum secretion, so measures may be necessary depending on the situation.

It is highly possible that hair loss in the summer can be suppressed by taking measures according to the cause, such as wearing a hat for UV protection and reviewing how to use the cooler. In addition, we recommend that you take hair growth measures that utilize the hair care products introduced at the end, not only in the summer but throughout the year. If you don’t know what to start with, why not start with daily care?